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“To bind its members with a tie of true and lasting friendship”

A big part of AXS is our social events, which include mixers with other professional fraternities at UNC, camping trips (including visits to the local goat farm!), beach trips, potluck dinners, study parties, and more! Most valuably, membership to Alpha Chi Sigma means being a part of something bigger than yourself and making friends you can count on both socially and academically!

Here in AXS, forming genuine connections with one another is of the utmost importance. With our Big/Little System, we put in a lot of time and care to ensure that Pledges and Brothers with the best connections and similar interests are paired. Our “Bigs” serve as mentors for their “Littles,” both in AXS and at UNC overall, and integrate them into their larger families of the Rho Chapter. 

Brothers often find themselves in the same STEM lectures and laboratory courses as students and even as T.A.'s or Peer Mentors. Being in AXS, members support each other academically through study groups, tutoring course content, and providing mentorship on how to best navigate a course or academic path.


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