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Explore the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) to begin your search

Investigate for Specific Interests

  • Go to google and search within UNC for research topics you’re interested in. To do this, type in some keywords and then “” after that (for example “polymers”). Go through the google results to find a lab where people have similar interests. Email the PI (Principal Investigator) and tell them that you’re interested in their research and ask if you could have an interview with them for a possible lab job.

Examine Lab Postings from Science Departments

  • If you don’t have any sort of specific research interests go to the departmental web page of your major (CHEM and BIOL) and find their page for undergraduate research (chem research and bio research). From these pages you can see which professors are currently looking for undergraduates to work for them, and for bio you have to just look through the labs listed on the undergrad research page).

  • Contact the PI and ask them for an interview. If you are unsatisfied with the chem list or are not a chem major, go to the lab pages (chem labs, bio labs) and find a lab that interests you.

Check Department’s Human Resources Page


  • Come to our Research & Service night during Rush

  • See our Member Spotlights on our Research page (coming soon) & Instagram

  • Go to our Contact page for any other questions/concerns. 

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