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“To strive for the advancement of chemistry both as a science and as a profession”

Many AXS brothers of all years participate in research labs at UNC-Chapel Hill and at other campuses! The Rho chapter actively advocates for students to pursue the experiential learning of research in their undergraduate careers. Performing research allows students to apply course materials, contribute to the wealth of intellectual knowledge, catalyze discoveries in areas like medicine, and profoundly prepare themselves for post-graduate work.

Through AXS, members gain a plethora of insight about the ongoing research projects that Brothers are involved in. Being in a science-oriented community promotes connections to finding research opportunities within and outside of the Chemistry Department. Members have access to learn the process of how a Brother got involved in their particular research and how it shaped their educational and professional aspirations. 

Brothers have the ability to share their projects with the UNC community with our “Research & Service Night” for Rush and through “Research Spotlights” on our social media.


Current Areas of Research:

  • UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

  • ​UNC School of Medicine

  • UNC Department of Chemistry

  • UNC Department of Physics and Astronomy

    • Physics Education


links to labs, publications

Research Spotlights:

Check out how our members are involved in research!

For more background information about their projects, go to our Instagram.

Research: Pro Gallery


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