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Spring '23 Recruitment!
Recruitment: Intro

Dates: Thursday 1/19 & Wednesday 1/25
Time: 6-7 pm
Location: Ground Floor of Murray Hall (next to Kenan Science Library)

This is your opportunity to:

  • Meet the Vice Master Alchemists!

  • Learn about the Rho Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma.

  • Be informed about Rush and the requirements.

  • Examine what the pledging process will look like.

  • Ask questions and/or concerns regarding rush and pledging commitments.


Time: 6-7:30 pm
Location: Ground Floor of Murray Hall (next to Kenan Science Library) *except* Bob Ross (2/9) is in Greenlaw Hall 0305

Prospective students must attend at least THREE Events to be invited to Formal Rush. Students are then eligible for a bid after attending Formal Rush.

Week 1

Monday 1/30

AXS Me Anything

Join us for a “speed dating” event where Brothers and Rushees spend time getting to know each other in small group settings! Together, Rushees will spend time with different groups of Brothers and rotate every couple of minutes.

​​This is your opportunity to:

  • Introduce yourself with the Brothers of the Rho Chapter and fellow Rushees

  • Let the Brothers learn more about who you are as a person!

  • Spark conversations about shared interests, questions about college, and random topics (i.e. is cereal a soup?)

  • Bond and make friends :)

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Game Night

Wednesday 2/1

Board Games, Card Games, Puzzles - you name it! We'll have multiple areas set up for small group activities. Come on over for a night of friendly competitions with Brothers and Rushees!

​​This is your opportunity to:

  • To collaborate with and compete against Brothers and fellow Rushees

  • Learn how to play a new board game :)

  • We welcome you to bring games! 


Thursday 2/2

"What is a fun time with AXS?" Team up with Brothers and test your knowledge on a variety of random topics from "Phineas & Ferb" to "Taylor Swift."

​​This is your opportunity to:

  • Share your knowledge with the Brothers and Rushees

  • Work as a team to deduce an answer

  • Learn some new, random, but fun facts!

  • Don't worry, you won't need to know the difference between SN1 and SN2 reactions, we promise ;)

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Week 2

Copy of IMG_6072.jpg

Tuesday 2/7

Research and Service

Gain insight about two of our core pillars that Brothers uphold as members of AXS. Rushees and Brothers will participate together in a community/service-based activity and there will also be a gallery presentation of Brothers involved in research!

​​This is your opportunity to:

  • Learn how AXS is engaged in community and departmental outreach

  • Discover how Brothers conduct research across a vast range of science disciplines and subject areas

  • Ask how a Brother became involved and how it shaped their professional aspirations

  • Share interests in topics and find out how you can pursue research! 

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Thursday 2/9

Bob Ross Paint Night

One of the most popular events, channel your inner artist and creative minds as we follow along with an instructional video by Bob Ross. No art skills are required and no need for personal supplies: all are welcomed to join in!

​​This is your opportunity to:

  • Take time to destress

  • Express yourself and be creative

  • Just bring good vibes for a fun night!

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Friday 2/10

Formal Rush! 



The concluding event for Rush, Brothers and all qualifying Rushees (who actively attended at least 3 Rush Events) will spend time together over food and an icebreaker activity. All are expected to show up in business casual attire.

This is your FINAL opportunity to:

  • Introduce yourself and interact with all of the Brothers

  • Leave a strong impression on the Rho Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma


The Brothers of Alpha Chi Sigma look forward to meeting and getting to know you all throughout Rush!

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Rush Inquiries

Contact our Vice Master Alchemists:


Note: Please put "AXS Rush" in the subject and include both VMA's in the email

General Inquiries

Contact our Master Alchemist:


Note: Please put "AXS Question" in the subject

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